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I live in southeastern Oklahoma, where a long shot is about 150 yards. I have a freind that hunts with a 300 every year for our whitetail. He does very well with it, but I really do a lot of trailing for him, if he has to take a 50 yard shot. It seems to me that a .308 or 30-30 is a much better rifle for our ranges out here.(lots of brush and trees) My son shoots a 30.06, and does very well with it, but the .308 and the 30.06 are almost identicle calibers out to 250 yards, and the recoil of the .308 is much lighter. The 30.06 is a great caliber, as is the 300, but you must consider where you are going to hunt and what type of game you will be hunting, as well as how far you may have to shoot. All three calibers are great calibers, and will all do well for hunting about anything in the lower 48. The ammo cost for the .308 is probably the biggest difference in the three calibers.
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