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I have some of them jackasses hunting next to me,those yahoo's hunt out of a camper strategically placed on a loggin road 60yds away from our property line that runs parrallel to my food plot,every year they shoot everyday 10-12 times a day at deer that cross the road to feed on my foodplot,the funny thing is that I have seen them haul out maybe 4 or 5 deer a year,and the largest I seen was probably 100lbs live weight.I try to be polite with these guys,and try to press the issue of some type of ethics,the response I got is that those deer they attempt to shoot are thier deer
They are shooting deer on their property, right? I don't see the problem.

I would shoot deer leaving my property same as I would shoot deer walking on to my property.

You choose to have a food plot, how is your neighbor at fault for shooting deer that leave his property to come eat you food?

Ammo Junky,

I understand hunting next to yahoos. Our neighbors used our road to post their property against us! Call the local game warden and invite him to come hang around your property during the time that your neighbors are hunting. MAke sure your property is posted. In Florida it is a FELONY to trespass on posted property with a firearm. If you don't post the property then the warden will likely have to issue a warning and then catch them again before he can arrest them. If you have an agricultural exeption for you land and you are using it to grow crops or cattle or trees for income then you have more options.
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