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Originally Posted by rem33
Plenty of terrific law enforcement officials who should be screaming at the top of their voices against this type of atrocities, as it hurts all law folks everywhere. They don't dare in fear of their careers again IMHO.

Originally Posted by rem33
On the law enforcement folks, like all people there are those from very honest and just men to the complete opposite end if the spectrum. Thankfully I do hope/believe the former are in the majority.

I am assuming that you believe "those plenty of terrific law enforcement officials" are a part of the majority of the law enforcement folks, who are very honest and just.

Does this mean you believe that the majority of law enforcement folks who are very honest and just put their careers over "justice"?
(Again, may I ask who decides what is "just"?)

Originally Posted by rem33
I don't think she was armed and that it was murder in the worst degree.

The following is an excerpt of footnote 810, released through Lexis Counsel Connect, a communications and information service for attornys, managed by American Lawyers Media, L.P.

Soon after Harris' surrender, Gritz persuaded Weaver to allow him and Jackie Brown to come inside the residence and remove Vickie Weaver's body. He obtained a body bag and, with Randy Weaver's assistance, placed Vickie Weaver's body in the bag.

When Gritz placed the body in the bag, he removed what he described as a holstered nine milimeter semi-automatic pistol.

Please go to the bottom portion of the link, and look for footnote 810.

Vickie Weaver was armed when she was shot. (unless Randy strapped the holster after she had been shot, and why would he have done that?)

Of course, that doesn't mean the shooting was justified.

Let's just stick to facts, instead of overdramatization.

Facts show Vickie Weaver was no danger to anyone, so it was unjustified to shoot her.

Misrepresenting facts for overdramatization doesn't help Vickie Weaver or anyone else for that matter.

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