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I have some of them jackasses hunting next to me,those yahoo's hunt out of a camper strategically placed on a loggin road 60yds away from our property line that runs parrallel to my food plot,every year they shoot everyday 10-12 times a day at deer that cross the road to feed on my foodplot,the funny thing is that I have seen them haul out maybe 4 or 5 deer a year,and the largest I seen was probably 100lbs live weight.I try to be polite with these guys,and try to press the issue of some type of ethics,the response I got is that those deer they attempt to shoot are thier deer.I have contacted D+R but they said there is nothing they can do.So here's the deal if they screw me again,sorry when they screw me up again,me and my pop are going to send them a bill for the amount of food plot seed,fuel,and a bill for for the amount of damage THEIR deer have done to our crops this year.HA HA, let the games begin!!!
beer,check ammo,check gun,Dammit I knew I forgot somethin !!!
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