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Need some help in deer behavior

I have read several articles, but would like some input.

While bear hunting, I went to my deer stand to prep for the season and then moved to a location about 100 yards away to sit for a while. I sat on the ground, in the open, so I ma sure I just looked like a stump.

The same buck I had seen the day before was making his up the mountain at an alarming rate. The day before he took te same route and seemed calm. He was headed straight for me too, tail up. I tensed for a moment because he was almost charging me and then suddenly stopped about 20ft in front of me. He just stood there, tail down, ears up, in more of an alert position.

What confused me next was that he began wagging his tail and started just walking passed me, getting almost within 10-15ft. Then continued prancing up the mountain, tail down.

I am assuming that tail wagging, which I had never seen so close, is a sign of being relaxed. But can someone verify that. I was told by another hunter that the tail wagging was a sign of being alert, but I dunno why this would be the case, as I see tail wagging when the deer are grazing. The wagging was quick though, more of a flicker, not really a swaying.
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