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Thanks Pacer, you are one of the guys I was waiting for in this thread...

Now does everyone have a clearer picture of the purpose of this thread?
Or at least the first reason I started it? (more to come...) I'm not promoting or encouraging any type of militia related activity, or any anti government talk in this thread BTW... What I want to point out is that the Art of the Rifle is dying. I mean the real Art...

and Josh,
If you are doing that then you're doing something different each shot. Consistency is the key, right? josh
Please reread that post, I am consistently trying to improve my skill, not doing something different every time I squeeze the trigger..

My own skill (or lack of) is not the topic of this thread, niether is yours...

Friendly thread....

I owe a lot to the man who first cradled this rifle in his hands... wish I could tell him thanks.-- mdshooter
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