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Ok, I'll bite.

Haven't been in here for awhile.

Someone above asked if anyone had been to an "Appleseed", as listed in Bennn's post citing

Please follow that link, and enter the toolbox "Becomming a Rifleman"
or go to the forum that has a lot of discussion.

Fred, of Fred's M14 stocks, is trying to "wake America" and get those that own, out to shoot. Those that shoot, out to drill until they are "one" with the Rifle. And those that "are one" to teach others how to shoot, efficiently, from field postions, using even mil surp ammo and sticks. He'd really like to get those that don't even shoot or own a stick, out to the range and re-introduce them to our American Heritage, as displayed by common folk, those that consdired themselves citizens, not patriots, when the defended the "magazine" (powder and ball storage) at Concord when the "governer" tried to confisgate that store as a punitive measure and attempt to "control" the common man, On April 19, 1775.

The same type of action that preceeded Nazi Germany, fascist Italy, etc, etc, etc.

The same type of action that is insiduous in our own government "of the people, by the people, for the people" today.

Motivational issues aside, the "Rifleman" standard the Fred postulates is similar to the one above.

With a "factory issue stick" (not tuned or tricked out) and "surplus ammo" (not hand tuned or controlled for consistency) be able to place all shots in 4 MOA (4 inches at 100) in field positions (no bench). Extropolation of this means while practicing woodsmen skills and/or survival skills in all varieties of weather, in support of a team working toward a common goal of defense of kin and country.

I've been to one. I've taught at two. It's really nothing special (gg), just getting back to basics, and applying those basics to every shot in a methodical fashion, with the PERSISTENCE of EFFORT to succeed.

*The Riflemen controls 500 yards from his position, and is expected to make a 'stopping' shot on all man size targets in that range. The COF "mimics" the WWII Army Qualification Test: 400 meter shot from slow prone (unsupported!); 300 meters from rapidly acquired prone (like while moving and taking a shot of opportunity); 200 meters from sitting or kneeling (rear guard action covering retreating team members from cover); and 100 yards "offhand" (like stumblng upon a threat while following a trot line between "safe" zones).

A Rifleman know how to do stuff, not just with the rifle. While he is ultimately safe, respectful of life, and ethical in his shots, he also knows how to live off the land, to create field expedient shelter, to build a fire with what is in his pockets, or even better, with the blade on his belt. He can move quietly throguh the cover, many miles, and escort his charges to safety. and he, or she, prepares. His arm is always ready to 'muster' should his countrymen call upon him to defend his community.

RWVA "mission"
TO Shoot (Riflemen Standards)
TO RECRUIT (wake up other Americans to the condition of our beloved County)
To EDUCATE (teach Riiflemen skills to his team, family, community; to teach civic responsibility...)
TO COMMUNICATE (to the Citizens and to the Citizens "Representatives" that our Forefathers had it right, we respect the Constitution and its Bill of Rights, and we expect these principles to be (re)-embraced by those that SERVE US as legislators.

Perhaps too much PolySci for some, but still sound Riflemen practice for the masses.

Thanks for your interest in my opinion

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