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If that were me I think I'd really like to have you say such a thing to my face. Hell, I don't even know the guy and I'd like to set you straight on his behalf. What the hell's wrong with you? And over him improperly teaching his son how to shoot? Not even the remote safety issue? I suppose it should be no suprise that it'd be a ... like you who puts outdated, if not downright hypocritical partisan BS in their signatures.
You may speak on behalf of the Daddy, if you like... But, I was speaking "on behalf" of the little boy and I figured anyone should understand, that the Daddy was a macho-flippin'-bully who would never do such a dirty trick to someone big enough to fight back...

I had a Grandpa who was like that... he was a sadistic bully and he beat his wife and his daughter (MY MOTHER)...

He made me kill an owl with my BB Gun!!!!
And the owl shouldn't have been killed at all!

I was 6 at the time, and even at that age, I knew that a Daisy BB Gun would not properly kill that Owl... it was barely able to do the job on the rats in the barn...
Hell, the Owl was helping us with the rats!!!

I was a good shot, even then, and I hit it between the eyes...

I was barely strong enough to cock the gun, and it took me "forever", and 18 shots, to kill that Barn Owl... And I got no help from that SOB bigshot!

Heaven knows I despise a bully...
And there is, and can be, absolutely NO excuse for doing a s**tty thing like that to a trusting little child...

And I repeat... that Daddy needs HIS a$$ kicked... or at least he needs to shoot a .50BMG WITHOUT the muzzle brake...
"Political correctness is tyranny with a happy face." Charlton Heston

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