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I think this is one of those things that, you can't declare yourself a rifleman, others must bestow that title to you.
Very well said Edward429451. And I would rather have both, if it came to a need.

This is a big part of what I'm trying to encourage with this thread, a good honest discussion about the art of riflery. It's a never ending process, I try to make each shot better then the last, but it does not always work out like that. I started this thread, but I'm not going to jump up on the internet and say "I'm a riflman!" I remember a while back someone here said "everyone's Rifle shoots 1 moa on the internet" And guys, ain't that the truth...
I can tell that some of the younger guys these days use the term MOA without even knowing what it means, and that's a shame.

There used to be some real heavy hitters who posted on this site, guys with years of knowledge and experiance to offer. But I think the talk of zombies and other junk, as well as the bickering that a lot of us get into, have caused some of them to move on. I value the opinions of a lot of people who post on this site, and I'm glad I have this great resource at my fingertips..

tINY, I'm really glad you brought that up BTW,
"Rifleman" is as much about will as ability.
I owe a lot to the man who first cradled this rifle in his hands... wish I could tell him thanks.-- mdshooter
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