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Fremmer - yeah I think you're right. Cheaper round, and performs well in both accuracy and wound/damage departments. We'll see what happens on the next two deer (two more tags to fill) and if all is well I'll probably switch to Fusions for good in this Remington 700.

stolivar - I'm assuming your using Fusion as well? They seemed to work well for you with the 4 shots 4 deer. Nice job.

Scrap5000 - glad you had a good time in WI. Sorry you couldn't fill the buck tag. But doe action is better than no action I guess. I have seen so many doe it's insane. And at $2 per extra doe tag, I could easily make a dent in the over-population of doe! I just can't put that much meat in the freezer.

I took the week off so I was in the stand for about 5 hrs today. Saw nothing at all but some turkey. I got out of my stand at about 4:30pm, about 20 minutes earlier than necessary. While walking towards the house I look back at the stand that is now about ~500yds behind me.

There are 4 deer, 3 of which are definitely doe, and one that I could sear was a buck only because it's neck looked enormously thick compared to the rest.

It was too dark to see antlers even through my scope and binoculars... but you can bet your butt I'll be in stand 'til the very last second tomorrow night.

hpg - bring the taters brutha!
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