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Ever seen this phenomenon with deer guts?

When I gutted this doe this weekend, after all guts removed, I'm sitting there staring at the gut pile, and as sure as I'm writing this, the small intestines are moving and writhing all over as if it were a pile of living worms. The deer seemed completely dead. I waited a few seconds to make sure it wasn't just gravity causing the intestines to shift, but it was something else - it kept up for over a minute before I went ahead and got up to start dragging. But it was very creepy - moving like snakes or worms. Ever seen this? This did not happen with this weekend's buck or other deer I've gotten.

P.S. Can anyone tell me, among the deer internal organs, what in the heck is this organ which I have been calling (made up by me) the "second liver". It's not part of the liver, but it is exactly like it, only quite a bit smaller - it's separate from the liver itself, but the same color and texture - looks just like a single lobe off of the liver which has been separated. Should I start taking that too, at the very least for dog food making?
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