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Well, I found out how it performed on game. Shot a doe late yesterday morning. I've passed up on a 4 point buck, and a small 6 point buck. It's early in the season, and I'm hoping for something a bit bigger.

I had a doe tag to fill, so I decided to feed the freezer. The (second) shot was ~150yds, and she ran about ~30yds after being hit. My first shot went right over her back.

Hey, we've all done it. Being up in the stand it looked a lot farther than ~150yds.

Anywho - the wound left a great blood trail. I could see her layin' in the field so I didn't need the trail to find her, but it's nice to know that with decent shot placement, this round created a wound that left a nice trail to follow.

I have a picture of inside the rib cage to show the entrance and exit wound. I'll link to it rather than post it in this message as some may think it's a bit nasty. Click here.

Went in the right side through a rib, through both lungs, and out the other side. So it penetrated well, but I couldn't find the bullet to see how it expanded or retained it's mass.

I know some guys like two holes, while others like one and for the bullet to remain inside. I've never really given that much thought, I just aim well and shoot. But considering that her trail shows two distinct trails of blood (one spouting out of the left side, and one out of the right), I'm thinking two holes is just fine with me.

Here she is in the garage. I hope to have another doe and a nice buck hanging there next to her by the end of next weekend.

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