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The does drop fawns at different times for different areas. The farther North the earlier they drop(the earlier the rut). Here in Florida the last week August, first week in September is the normal(Rut Jan 15 or later.) That is if they got breed the first main rut. The fawns do not travel with the does the first few weeks until they are a little bigger. New born fawns have little scent and that is their defense. Most of the does shot here in early bow season have fawns bedded somewhere. That is the sad truth. The does comes by with no fawn and get shot only to find here full of milk. A couple of weeks into the season the fawns will be with the does. The last two years I have seen fawns with does that could not have been more than two weeks old. Covered in spots and weigh less than ten pounds. They were pretty. Our bow season starts way to early here but then again Florida has NEVER had any deer management. Hope this helps
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