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Setup can mean a lot.
I am in a different part of the country, but I have to whole heartedly disagree with "armedtotheteeth". That kind of setup here would quickly educate the coyotes and end the fun.

I do hunt clear cuts a lot, though. I suggest scouting your areas, locating scat, travel routes, and possible bedding areas. Next, set up some quick blinds that you can enter easily and quietly...make sure that you have enough to play the wind.

I use all hand calls, but if you are solo hunting, a cd player is can hook a personal cd player(walkman) to a radioshack amplifier, then to a horn speaker with a several foot wire. This will let you set the speaker away from you..the yotes will focus on that instead of you...I alos suggest a decoy.
I use a weasel ball painted brown.I took a piece of fishing rod attached to a stake , then tied the wesal ball to the rod using fishing line...this makes the ball bounce around..and you can sta it up away from your hide.

do not over call...if you hunt at night, do not shine your light on yourself or equipment...

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