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We always shoot does in late gun season with fawns. That's how you pick the biggest one. I saw a few lone fawns last week. Fawns are dropped in the spring and just kind of hang around mom. Deer tend to live in groups, not just because they need mom. The more eyes and ears you have looking out the better. I saw a group of 3 does and 5 fawns on Thurs. I shoot the big ones, they eat better. If you want to shoot a 6 mo. old deer, that's your choice. Just don't shoot a button-buck, that's next years buck. Mature does have more of a square body shape, a longer neck, and a longer face.

We call fawns sandwich deer, because after you shoot one you can put it between 2 slices of bread and have a sandwich. Or suitcase deer, because you can grab all 4 legs and carry it out of the woods like a suitcase.
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