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need help with a 6.5mm carcano rifle

i just recently purchased what i beleive is a 6.5mm rifle wich is i,m told a i,ve done some checking up and i cant seem to find wich is the one i is stamped 6.5mm on the rear sight,on the right side of the barrel it,s stamped 1941 xix,on top of barrel it has a crown like drawing and just below R.E TERNI,on left side of barrel it has what i beleive a serial number has a 21 inch barrel,fix sights and side sling attachement on stock.althought i,ve been shooting it i,m missing the clip to hold the bullets.i bought the rifle for 60$ and had to pay 45$ for a box of shell wich was very hard to find.NORMA 6.5x52 156 grains,10.1 grams, no on box is 16535.
what i would like to know is wich model rifle do i own ,wich is best ammo for accuracy and effective kill power,how does it compare to a 270 with same load at 200 or 300 there any way i could have a scope mounted on this rifle for open country deer hunting and last where can i find a clip.someone please help me on this .thank you very much.

i had to join this forum to be able to ask all this ,i hope it was a good move
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