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Happened to a stretch of property my father owns a few years ago. I even got shot at once while I was bowhunting on my fathers property by a relative of the adjoining owner. Needless to say a call to the local game warden fixed the prolem of both the landowner and the relative at that point. Relative now can not hunt or own a fire arm in the state of SD (because he was trespassing, attempting to poach, etc...). Landowner did cause a little bit of a ruckus, but we remedied that by having myself, my brother and a couple of friends (all of us are ex military with combat arms mos's/afsc's) post along the property line the next deer season. We all wore camo and stayed concealed and had walkie talkies to stay in touch. When the landowner and a few of his buddies were chasing deer and crossed the property line we all converged on them and held them there until the county sherrif and game warden showed up. They got hit for tresspassing and one guy got a weapons violation for hunting with a semi auto with a mag capacity greater than 5 rounds (was using an sks with a 10 rd mag). Landowner ended up selling his property a few years later and the new folks don't hunt and won't let anybody hunt on their property so now we don't have any more yahoos tearing down our fences and leaving the gates open.
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