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I know I was suprised as well. The 1st deer was a small buck, dressed @ 140 lbs. 158gr JHP @ 25yards broadside both shots. Placed 1st in left front shoulder. He went down on both knees, got up turned and looked and the 2nd shot knocked him down again. He proceeded to get up and haul butt.

The 2nd deer was a doe and I hit her in the neck from 25 ft above her(she was only 6 feet out from my tree stand. SHe just stood there for 30 seconds and walked out a few yards. In the mean time I was reaching for the ole -06 and I finished her off. She weighed 105 lbs.

I weighed the 2nd bullet(also a 158gr JHP), it weighed 96 grains and a perfect mushroom. Both loads were my own hot loads for hunting. The buck was shot with a 8" Dan Wesson and the doe with a 6" S&W 686. hpg
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