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Red Grant
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Leroy Thompson's HD shotgun..............

In the latest S.W.A.T issue, Leroy Thompsen talks about his project to build his HD shotgun.

His choice, a Police trade-in Remington 870, with Spec-op stock, and Lasermax barrel mount clamp on combo flash light and laser set-up. (Flash light on the left, laser on the right, perfect for those with right dominant hand AND right dominant eye, that is, most of us.)

He talks about how lasermax set up offers great balance. (He could have added superior operation, and less weight, and no cord to get tangle with, as compared to surefire set up)

In the surefire setup, the flashlight on picatinny rail is part of the foregrip and therefore it affects the "pumping" operation, namely more disturbance to the sight alignment. (Think HK P9S fixed barrel as compared to 1911's "up and down" barrel)

How do I know this? Because that's exactly my HD shogun set up is.

Originally I wanted to use Mossberg for HD, primarily for its much more ergonomic safety location, but I wanted to use spec-op stock also, and realized that due to its pistol grip configuration, Remington's cross bolt safety would be a lot handier for spec-op stocks.

P.S. For whatever it's worth, lasermax set up doesn't seem to affect those with Vang comp porting system since the clamp leaves enough clearance for the porting holes on the barrel.
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