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Although the .410 bore is arguably the quentissential squirrel shotgun gauge (along with the .22lr rifle caliber), I have found that *IF* you use 7.5 shot or smaller, 12 guage is not necessarily overkill. Yes, it's overkill in that it's not necessary, but it doesn't annihilate the animal and destroy meat like you might think. The little pellets typically do not even make it through the skin. They stay in the skin, and don't get in the meat, for the most part. But the squirrel drops right there. Now I dunno if the same would hold true if you use 6 shot or larger. Bottom line, the shot size selection is more important than gauge choice. In the winter, when the leaves are gone, a .22lr is a good choice, too, and extends your range beyond a shotgun (75 yards vs. 50 yards) - if you're accurate enough, use head shots - a body shot and they can get into a hole in a tree before they die.
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