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I use a lot of stuff .22lr,.410,12ga its just what I feel like using.

For cleaning what I do is soak the squirrel in water and make sure the fur is very wet.Then I take a very sharp knife and start on the top of the head and cut all the way to the tale(it works better if you remove the tale first).Then go right in the middle of the squirrel and pull the skin off to the sides all the way around the squirrel until you get get your fingers between the skin and the "belly" of the squirrel.Then get a piece of pipe or a strong stick and insert it between the skin and the "belly" of the squirrel.Then stand on both ends of the pipe and pull on the body of the squirrel and the skin should come off pretty easy.

I can try to get some pics of cleaning method if anyone is interested.

Here are the squirrels I shot today.

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