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Squirrel huntin'

ive seen some squrriels around my deer stand this year and i think after deer season is over im gonna hunt some squrriels. I was thinkin about usin my remington 1100 LT20 guage. Is that the best gauge to use on squrriels or should i use the 12 guage. And whats the best way to clean a squrriel. please help. pictures of cleaning a squrriel would be the best. i was even thinkin about gettin the 22 hornet or the 17Hmr out, which caliber or guage is the best and most fun. i may even kill a couple rabbits. I am going to do this when rabbits and squrriels are in season and i am going to eat them. Ive heard there pretty good eatin. The 22 hornet and 17 hmr both have scopes.
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