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I have a C9 compact 9mm myself, got it about 6 wks ago. I was looking for something to carry that wasn't too big, minimum cal 9mm. I really liked the G26 but the price was too high. Perhaps after tax time this one will be the #2 pistol but for now it's the only one I have. Previously only owned shotguns although I've fired many types of weapons over the years. The C9 works great, I like the function and controls, and the fact that it has a manual safety. I don't like the way it comes apart (you have to punch out a roll pin) but it does come apart. They say you don't have to take it apart to clean it every time you fire it, but I was not raised that way. It's a little bulky for carry, my wife can tell when I have it on me but noone else has noticed. She says it's dangerous to carry a gun around all the time, I said there wouldn't be any use to carry it if it wasn't. After reading all these forums for a while, I probably want something a little biger, something a little smaller, a couple of rifles or carbines, a 22 to teach the kids with, a small 357 for the wife, yes It's true, I have the bug....
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