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the only debate thats contested more than the hi-point vs. everybody else is 9mm vs. 45. How many high dollar guns have a no questions asked, lifetime guarantee? Part of the rason you dont see used hi points is those that own them KEEP THEM. My local dealer cant get hi points in fast enough. he orders them 50 at a time and usually has them all sold before they hit the shop. Ive owned over 50 different handguns of various makes and the only ones i still own are a glock 17, hi point 9mm, hi point 45, colt MKIII trooper .357, raven .25 and cz70 .32. the hi points are shot the most. For everyone who says a hi point is a bad choice, go borrow one and shoot it. No its not a tack driver, no its not very good looking, no its not good for CCW. It does what its intended to do exceedingly well. Put lead downrange for minimum investment and with maximum reliability.

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