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Odd Range Results: 2-inch bettering the 3-inch

Well another of those informal reports. It's a one shot affair where I line up 10 plastic half-gallon milk cartons at ground level. Some of these tests are inconclusive as a shot must not only be aimed at the front carton, but has to be level in order to line up the cartons.

I fired the .38 2-incn Charter using FMJ 130 grain, and recovered the bullet unexpanded from the 10th carton where it had impacted the back wall of that carton. Curious thing is I did the same test with the S&W Model 60 3-inch .357 while firing the .38. The Smith's bullet stopped in carton #9. Firing a .38 out of a .357 is supposed to lose about 50 fps but it seems this would not account for the Charter's better performance. Charter does claim superior barrel rifling but I took this for hype. Mine was a very limited test but it does cause me to wonder. Anyone know what is happening here? Thanks.
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