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I have a KJW SIG P226R airsoft, in full metal. Its dimensions are an exact copy of the real thing and as far as I can tell the weight is almost the same. It is my hope that one day I will move to a country where I can get the real thing. In the meantime I am using it to plink indoors and also to practice drawing from an IWB holster.
Also, it is the closest thing I can find to a real pistol, for the purposes of demonstrating the basic mechanics and controls of a popular pistol, for people in our line of work, who are interested in all aspects of gunshot wounds. It is just a shame I can't get an all-metal revolver (airsoft) with removable 'shells.'
I wouldn't like to be shot with this airsoft pistol, because it goes through one side of an empty Coke can all the time and occasionally goes through both sides. Having said that, I don't think there is much value in using an airsoft pistol to practice any kind of accuracy or target shooting. It is probably best for drawing and firing at torso-sized close range targets without aiming.
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