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Thanks for the help guys. The trigger of this old beater improved a good bit with half a can of spray cleaner. Gunk, gunk, and more gunk. I think maybe Jack ran a patch or two through the bore and chamber but that's about it. My eyes are getting a bit old so I asked a 'smith to give it a look. Tool marks in the chamber, probably from stuck cases. A slight bulge in the barrel about six inches from the chamber. Nough said.
The old K 2.5 Weaver on it is another thing. It's the old single cross hair style but it's nice and bright, and I can't see any parallax. Has anyone used one these old ( I'd guess 30+years) buggers on a medium ( .357 or .44 ) handgun?
Bye the bye, on another thread, Harry Bonar mentioned a really good tip. When seating countersunk fasteners, give them a hammer tap on a screwdriver ( I've got a few messed up screwdrivers) or screwdriver bit and then finish tightening. Almost always you get a tad of a turn more. An old master machinist told me that about a hundred years ago.
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