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Well, maybe we all do Mr. Boddington a disservice. It was on another site that he was being totally trashed. Now he did not have to come onto that site and respond to his detracotors, but not only did he respond, but tactfully so. While I still am no great fan, I will concede that he is a gentleman, if nothing else.
Regarding his "magnumitis", in the last year, he has done an excellent article on the .358 Winchester and another on the old 7x57 Mauser. They just happen to be two of my favorite cartridiges. One thing he brought out on the .358 Win. was that it was not just a short range brush cartridge, something I've known for years.
Sometimes I think the reason so many people dislike Mr. Boddington is plain out and out jealousy. let's be honest here, we'd all like to get to go on all those freebie hunts the gun and ammo makers give out. Mr. Boddington sems to get the lion's share, and maybe, just a little bit, if we're honest, that kinda sticks in our craw. It does me, but at least I'm honest enough to admit it.
I'll hunt with a magnum cartridge if I think the situation calls for it. One of the areas I hunt elk at, when the shooting starts, the elk head out to these wide open meadows that are over a mile wide and many miles long. A .270 or 30-06 just ain't gonna cut it. In taht area, it's either shoot long or go home empty-handed. This year, I drew an area that' totally new to me. I've got to get on up there and look it over and decide what I will carry. It might be my 30-06, .35 Whelen or the .300 and .338 Win. Mags. It just depends on the terrain.
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