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What bullet weight/s do you find that these things prefer and generally what kind of 100 yd groups do you get? Ever have any extraction problems?
I haven't tried reloading 30-06 yet, so my experience is with factory ammo. I like 180gr bullets out of both of my rifles for hunting, which has been the primary shooting I have done with the them. I prefer Remington ammo and have shot groups with the 742 averaging about 1 inch at 100yds. The 740 will pull even tighter groups, well under and inch. I imagine with premium ammo or good hand loads they might shoot even better. Never had an extraction problem with either rifle.

I agree on not trying to do a trigger job yourself, but you can inspect and clean the trigger assembly. If nothing is obviously broken and it still has a bad trigger after a good cleaning take it to a good smith.
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