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742 With a terrible trigger

I recently inherited a 30.06 Remington 742 from an old, old hunting buddy, a retired navy carrier pilot who survived Korea, built and sold several fixed based airport operations, and passed on about a year ago after reclusively spending the last ten years of his life on about eight hundred acres in Missouri. doing what he immensely enjoyed. Meticulously constructed outbuildings, tractors, an impressive log main house, and saddle horses I never got so see. His daughter whom I had never met, has no interest in firearms, hunting, or the idea of selling her father's collection. She learned the names of the folks her dad hunted with, and asked if we would accept one each of his guns. A very well cared for Remington 742, 30.06 with a well mounted steel Weaver K2.5 scope, no lens caps, no lens scratches, arrived in an old canvas case. The bore is a mirror and the only external wear is from 30 +years of hand carry. I don't want to change anything but this thing has the absolutely worst, atrocious, abominable trigger I have ever come across, period. It must be a gritty, nine or ten or ten pounds and with what seems a quartrer inch of creep. I know nothing of the the construction of this gun. Can the trigger be be significantly improved or maybe just replaced? I recall pre hunt practice sessions where Jack got 1", 100 yard 4 shot groups with the thing so barrel and actions must be pretty good but the slim barrel heats up so quickly, testing is tedious. I am enamored of sub moa bolt rifles so if I can't get thing thing halfway decent, it's a gun safe queen.
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