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My working theory after this experience was that I'm switching to Muzzys or some other chisel point - idea being that a chisel point, rather than the blade point I used, would have actually just bored well into the spine and severed it or damaged it.
++ on muzzy broad heads. i have been bowhunting for 18 years and have been using muzzy for the past 10 at least. the reason being is they are as tough as everyone says. i have hit deer in the spinal column in both the neck and back(the neck shot was all i had in between two trees and the back was deflected by an unseen limb--just to clarify that i dont suggest these shots regularly) both times the vertabrae were destroyed and the deer dropped like a switch was turned off. one thing that i do that is not typical because of the muzzy's toughness is i aim for the sholder on broad side shots instead of behind and i still get clean penetration everytime through both sholders.

everyone that i hunt with is slowly switching from mechanicals to muzzy. i have not shot a mechanical ever and dont plan on it. unless muzzy makes a mechanical i might try it.
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