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Boy, was the range packed today...

Very cold and windy; I quickly gave up on sighting in (fine tuning) after getting frustrated with the wind. I did stick around to see if - between stronger gusts - this ammo and my rifle could produce a nice group. They seemed to like each other. One 3-shot group measured 5/8" center to center. I usually shoot 5-shot groups, but with the wind I wasn't going to push it. I won't know for sure until I get a calm day to really concentrate on sighting in instead of wind.

While I didn't get fully sighted in, I must say it was a good reminder to respect the wind... it can really toss that bullet around any way it wants, and the way it was swirling around I'm suprised I found paper at all. A friend and I had good fun taking turns judging wind gusts, and trying to outshoot one another (with othe rifles we brought along).

So, of course today was a fun day at the range, and this round seems to show some promise in the accuracy department. I'm now interested in hearing accounts of performance on game. I'll be searching the boards and 'net for some experience on game.
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