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Bullet Sale

Ok, I'm net sure if this is the right place to post this. So if it's not, feel free to delete it and let me know where to post.

I've got to sell over 200K bullets in the next 15 days, to make room for a new CNC Milling machine in the shop. I really don't feel like lugging all of these bullets from one place in the shop to another, so I've decided to drop the prices on them, and give everyone a great deal.

Some sample prices are:
1000 7mm 150 grain Speer Spitzer Soft Point for $75.00
1000 30 Cal 110 grain Speer Carbine bullets, both HP and SP for $75.00
1000 .243 (6mm) 70 grain Speer Moly Coated TNT's for $75.00

Plus there's a whole bunch of other great bullets, that are below last years dealer prices.

Check them out at

Thanks in advance,
Thunder Mountain Custom Rifle
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