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They were out of my ammo! I bought something else instead.

What's the deal with this round. A buddy sighted in his BAR yesterday with Fusions - he said it did real well. I'm sighting in tomorrow morning, so after work tonight I went to Gander Mountain to pick up my favorite Winchester Ballistic SilverTips in .270win, 130gr... but they were out.

I was lazy, in a rush, and had to get to the grociery for dinner. So I picked up 3 boxes of Fusion.

Am I going to be disappointed with this round? Normally I research the heck out of something before I buy, but I got this on a whim based on one good experience from a hunting/shooting friend.

What kind of performance have you gotten on deer (at what distances), and what kind of accuracy do you see on paper? Keep in mine this is for hunting and not benchrest competition - I don't need dime sized groups to be happy.

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