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Firstfreedom, I use a chisle point expandable. Cabela's lazer strike. They are the same broadhead as the Rocket Sidewinders. It is a true 1.5". I don't think you spend too much energy opening them up. Last year my dog got the fence open and decided to go Javelina chasing. She got the short end of the stick, and was attacked. Tore her up. After a $900.00 vet bill, I declared war on them. Legal or not. Kids walk behind my house, and people walk their dogs, so I started shooting them w/ my bow everytime I saw them. In short, I killed 2 with one shot, blowing through 3 shoulderblades, and completely exited through the ribs. yes, you counted right. 2 dead javelinas, one shot, complete exit. No joke, no b.s. Javelinas have very thick, tough skin, even though they only weigh about 60lbs a piece. All the deer I've killed have had exit wounds since I started using them. I went to them when my son was born because I was afraid he would stick his hands in my quiver and get sliced up. I doubt I'll ever go back to a fixed blade.

I have a question...Did you sight in your broadheads with the actual blades? I ask because fixed broadheads do tend to plain some. It's not unusual for them to hit high. Another reason for the high hit could be the deer started to jump the string.

Second, Muzzy's are great. 1 3/16" cuts a nice hole. I've killed lots of deer with them. If I were to use a fixed blade, that would be it.

3rd. I like the expandables because you do not need to sight them in. They shoot EXACTLY like your field tips. I buy the cheaper bag targets that last about 2 years or so, and that's it. Arrows are easy to pull out, and I don't have to buy the high dollar foam targets, and I don't have to buy extra blades, and resight.

Here's a tip for you guys who shoot fixed blades. Buy two sights. Sight in your broadheads, and practice w/ your field sight. When you go hunting, just slide on your broadhead sight and you are in business.
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