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It doesn't sound to me like you got an accurate measurement of your maximum oal that will function in your rifle.Max oal in your manual is not the only safe oal for your rifle, and the oal in your manual has nothing to do with the max oal that will function in your magazine.

Try making a dummy round that is long, say 3.1 or 3.2. Hopefully it will be too long to chamber. Now you can increase the depth of the bullet little by little until it chambers easily. This should put you just off the lands. Now insert the dummy round in your magazine and make sure it fits and functions in there. Now you can experiment by making a few rounds of that oal and then some .03 shorter etc etc. This way you can try to find the sweet spot for that bullet in your rifle.

Changing oal can also change pressures so you may want to back off your charge and work back up if you are at or near max. Be safe and have fun.
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