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Dave, our country has limited the rights of private property owners when they violate the rights of citizens.
Yes, I think I mentioned that earlier, that private property owners could not act in violation of rights established through law. However carrying a firearm is not a protected right, and CCW holders are not a protected class.
I opine that discriminating on the basis of gun carrying is a similar violation based on our rights and thus should not be allowed.
Huh?? You are going to equate the voluntary and arbitrary decision to carry a firearm with a demographic such as race? That is quite a stretch, IMO, considering the 2nd Amendment hasn't even the status of being incorporated. There is no legal doctrine that I'm aware of to support such a position.
Since they pay higher taxes - they should be able to afford to protect themselves.
So you would means test people's ability to avail themselves of puiblic services??
I understand your position, but to me the property owner is not denying service at all, just saying if you want service, here are the rules I expect you to follow. Sort of "No shirt, no shoes, no service."
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