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Question about O.A.L

So, in effort to try and get some base from which to start, I made up a dummy round, cut the slit in the side of the case, and chambered it. Opened the bolt, and the bullet was stuck.

After removing the bullet, decided to hold the bullet just on the lands, or I should say, as far forward as I could get it to go without lots of pressure, and shoved a cleaning rod down the barrel. Marked it, and then removed the bullet, closed the bolt, and repeated the cleaning rod.

With my 190 grain Sierra MKs, the OAL I measure is 2.9. I went back to my Sierra manual, and noticed for the first time, (dumb me I am sure) that one of the first parts of the load data mentions C.O.A.L. of 2.9. Does this mean I shouldn't load mine up to be shorter? I couldn't find anything in rereading the intro parts of the manual talking about that part of their load data.

I know 2.860 is the Max OAL, but that is for magazine functin, right? My last loads of 2.875 worked out ok, but always looking for improvement. I'll post a link to my load results when I get the spreadsheet finished, but input on OAL would be appreciated.

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