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I've had really good luck with muzzy's. So much so that I've never tried expandables. You'll get plenty of penetration with the chisel point. It seems to bust bone rather than glance off it. I cleaned a 250lb bear last year my partner killed with a muzzy broadhead at around 20 yards. He got a quartering shot. After going completely through the bears ribcage, the arrow still had enough steam to literally shatter the bears offside "bicep". Complete penetration through a deer is no problem. I've had them go through the offside scapula before.

I will, however, check out expandables. I've heard good things from some people about them. I didn't get to go but a couple of times during bow season, but I plan a couple of archery trips later this season, when I get down to a tag or two.

Congratulations again. It's a great feeling.

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