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RCBS 45acp Carbide Dies? Problems?

I started reloading almost 4 years ago with a set of RCBS Carbide 45acp dies.

I've had the decapping pin break 4-5 times on the sizer die, and the decapping rod bend at least 3 times. I've probably loaded around 5000 rounds or so with it so far.

I always make sure the decapping assembly is tightened down with the nut on top of the die, and that there is no play or wiggle in the decapping assembly. It is high enough that it doesn't "bottom out"... the decapping pin only sticks out through the primer hole about 1/8 of an inch when a case is de-primed.

Anything else I should look for?

I'm so used to this that I had spare decapping rods... But I just used up my last one.

I have noticed that some of my PMC brass has slightly off-center flash holes, and I suspect that this may be part of my problem. I don't remember which headstamp caused my breakage or bending problems, though. My brass is currently a mixed lot of PMC, Winchester, Remington, Magtech, Independence and G*d knows what else... loaded between 5-10 times and could stand to be retired. I will probably start replacing it all with Starline this next year.

I am also considering retiring my RCBS dies and switching to Lee... I think I like their decapping pin better than RCBS's pin.

Anyone have other suggestions?
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