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Hee hee, thanks guys. I used a regular 35mm for pics, and so I've got to take the rest of the roll before developing (waste not, want not) - but this weekend is opening of muzzleloader, and my buddy and I have been seeing sign and deer everywhere, so I should be able to finish out the roll this weekend. I have a digicam, but its several years old, so therefore it's HUGE, and I don't lug it around often.

Castnblast, interesting there.... well when I gutted him, I noticed that he did have one fully intact lung - the left lung. And his heart was fine. So that explains why he was able to stay alive so long. I really don't *get* how it is that the trajectory was as upward as it was. I can see how I missed the left lung, since he was quartering away slightly, but I don't see how the arrow could have gone so far up as to lodge in the spine - mabye it deflected when it went through the meat of the shoulder as it did or when it went through a rib.

On the expandables, hmm, interesting - I'll look into that - I had always heard that you "waste" energy opening them up, which reduces penetration - much more important for elk than deer, I'm sure. My working theory after this experience was that I'm switching to Muzzys or some other chisel point - idea being that a chisel point, rather than the blade point I used, would have actually just bored well into the spine and severed it or damaged it. But then again, this is going to be a RARE occurence when this happens, so the expandables might be a better idea - the muzzys are 1 and 3/16ths" - which expandable do you use and whats the expanded diameter? Exactly 1.50"? Thanks.

P.S. I've been reading that you add 22%-30% to get hoof weight - one authority says 28%.
P.P.S. I aged him via teeth last night (kept the lower jaw), and according to my chart, this guy was only a yearling (1 year, 4 or 5 months), because of the tri-cuspid 4th pre-molar, and the 3rd molar was not fully erupted. Wow, thought for sure he was a 2 and 1/2. Didn't realize they grew that big down here in just 1.5 years.
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