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Congrats on your first bow kill. It's exciting....everytime. A few pointers on tracking deer shot w/ arrows...

If it's raining, forget the hour thing. You'll loose the trail. Your deer lasted longer due to that spinal shot. A hit a bit lower will have them expire very, very quickly. What you descibed is typical of that type of hit. Also, I've had VERY good luck w/ expandables on deer and hogs. A 1.5" hole from an expandable has them often droping w/ in 50 yds if you get em in the lungs. No need to wait the hour. 15 minutes will usually do the trick. HOWEVER, a hit further back does necesitate the full hour. Just some words of advice. I've been bowhunting for 22 years now, and I love it. Every bow kill is exciting. Just wait till you are still hunting and accidentally bust up a pack of hogs that are holed up asleep in the middle of the afternoon. That will get you blood pumping!
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