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Powder Volume

Have any of you noticed a difference in the volume of powder from one lot to the next? I ask because I noticed a difference in the "amount" of powder in my 22-250. Here's the deal. I "0" my scale every time I go to reload. I powder trickle each shot to the EXACT weight. I check, and recheck. In my last batch, I noticed there was little "extra" room in the case. Same powder, IMR 4064, same bullet, Sierra Game King 55 gr. spitzer boat-tails, same COL, and same measured 36.50 gr. of powder. Oh, and yes, same brass. ONLY difference...Opened new can of powder. I pulled one of the "tighter" rounds and remeasured. 36.5 to the T.

I'm stumped
AND should this be an issue to concern myself with? I have always R-L'd for belted mags, so I never noticed a difference before.
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