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Today I worked with my sbh, I shot 240 sierra, 180xtp, 180rem, 210rem,240 gold dot, 240xpt. over H110, W231 and blue dot, wlp and flpm. rp and starline cases.

The rem bullets were as accurate as the premimum bullets.
Thanks for the PM informing me of your new post here. That was a hec of a range session!

I too have had great results with the Remington bullet in the 44 mag , specifically , the 180 JHP. Using a friend's 44 Super Blackhawk I fired one of my best off hand groups ever using this bullet. My old 29 Classic fired some extremely tight groups with the Rem 180. Again H110 was the powder used. I have not tried this load in my "new" 30 year old SBH but I will during my next outing with the 44 SBH.

My 629 also has proved to be very accurate with the 240XTP.

If anyone wants to how a spefic load worked in my gun or wants to see a particular target, let me know.
If you could post any pics of the 180 Rem results I would like to see them.
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