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Dog food, I am aware of the need to check my zero from hunting positions, but thanks for the tip, you never know.

I have shot from my rest three times now. A couple of weeks ago I did testing with my beretta 92g, It has x teen thousand rounds threw it. It is my main camping and pratice gun and it was a used cops gun when I got it. Despite the round count the rifiling looks clean and I belive it to be solid. I shot 127+P+ ranger, www, golden sabers, loaded 115 win hp, loaded 124 rem hp. 5 shots at 25yd. The bottom line was 3" with expensive stuff, 4" with cheap bullets loaded or bought.

Today I worked with my sbh, I shot 240 sierra, 180xtp, 180rem, 210rem,240 gold dot, 240xpt. over H110, W231 and blue dot, wlp and flpm. rp and starline cases. I started shooting at 9am and didnt finish untill 3pm . Beats doing yard work. I came home with six empty boxes and a gun so dirty the epa would have confenscated it.

There were several things I noted threw the testing. 1 The groups were pretty consistant threw a large range of powder charges. 2 The rem bullets were as accurate as the premimum bullets. I make no assumption as to how the terminal performance would compare. 3 A clean gun or a powder change, needed fouling shots to group its best, but a gross nasty dirty gun shot as good as any. 4 Almost all groups were very close to 1.5" at 25yd for (duh) six shots. 5 No mater how good the gun shoots, there is no reason for me to sight it in past 75Yd. . I migh as well go with the lower trajectory and take the advantage I can actualy use. I was very relived to find my standard load 240 sierra jhc over 23.5gr H110 was as a good as any, 1.5" or less. If anyone wants to how a spefic load worked in my gun or wants to see a particular target, let me know. Kind of out of order, but the primer made a stagering 2fps difference and the case little if any more.

For mounting, I now have a perminant mount between the post of my front deck. It is a peice of 2x12 the same size as the 2x12 the rest is fixed to. It is solid, easy to get to, I can use the rifle bench and the ransom rest as the other is cooling. . Its also a nice bench for the lantern at night. I have found it very advisable to check the wingnuts and clamps after every group and be very carefull the gun is properly aligned when tighening the nuts. Dont ask me how I know. The ransom rest was quite an investment of money and time, but going with out one now would be like giveing up my chrono.
Will work for brass.

I apologise in advance for spelling errors.
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