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I had three different loads of H4831SC, a 58.5, a 59.5 and a 60.0c

I also tried out H4895 (42 grains), H380 (48 grains) and Varget (45.5 grains), with occasionally good results, but never consistent enough to make me switch. H4895 was the best of those, H380 the worst.

The 59.5 load of H4831 was the most accurate. This was all done on Lee dies and equipment, and the platform was a Remington 700 ADL, synthetic stock, standard profile barrel. I waited roughly five minutes between shots in temperate weather.

I never had that 5-inch-to-the-right problem, which is definitely unusual.

I was getting roughly 4" groups at 500 yards on my better days, which I thought was pretty decent from the various limitations I was working with.
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