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Question for 7.5 Swiss reloaders

Have any of you 7.5 Swiss reloaders ever used "pulled" .308 milsurp bullets?

In my never-ending quest to get the cost of plinking rounds down, I want to try it. I made up a dummy round, with a commercial (Speer) 147gr. FMJ, which is supposed to be milsurp spec. To get the round to chamber without touching the lands, I had to seat it a little PAST the cannelure. I assume that's no problem....the case mouth is still fully supported by the bullet, and I load light enough that I don't think case volume will be a problem

I guess I'm just wondering if I'm the first person to try this.

The load I'm shooting for (pardon the pun) is:

-"Pulled" 147gr. .308 NATO bullet
-Over 43gr. H335 (a load that works great with 150gr. hunting bullets)
-Speer 250 primer
-COAL of 2.905

I've used the same load with 150gr. Sierra Gameking bullets with fine results. So only the bullet will be changed.

Comments/cautions welcome.
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