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I go into Starbucks...yes, I shamefully admit I sometimes pay rediculous prices for a Frappacino.. and Starbucks is known to be liberal and given support to gun control. Yet they don't have any "NO FIREARMS ALLOWED" signs and I have walked into their stores a couple of times with open carry and never been bothered by anyone. I have gone in with CCW as well.

So if liberal Starbucks can tolerate my carrying a gun in their store and appreciate my business more than their personal feelings or agenda, then Costco should learn from them.
Yah, but Dust Devil:

If you're even halfway respectable looking and have the gumption to open carry in AZ, it is pretty well assumed by all "sheeple" that you are a police officer. Either off duty or a detective...

After all, you were in the modern day equivalent of Dunkin Donuts.

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