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Got testing done with Rocky Mtn cases,
small primers and 10gr of Blue Dot starter
powder. The small primer and starter powder
take the place of a BMG primer,
that is in our cases cut back shorter
for use in NEF and 1887 levergun.
In NEF 3" Rocky Mtn brass starter powder
and 140 gr of RE-15.Space filled up by card wad and felt wads, amount depending on how you seat
the slug. About 1800 fps.
In the 87 case cut to 2.4" the
length that feeds from mag, 120 gr of RE-15,
starter powder, and one thin .045 card wad.
That's all it holds.Slug loaded flush.
A little over 1600. With long barrels
a couple hundred more for both guns.
Will have plastic RE- 15 results in
couple days.Ed.
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