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I have one CZ 452 (American) and three Marlin 39's (39A, 39A Mountie & 39TDS).

For accuracy I have to give the edge to the CZ. see picture:

The CZ is a good quality rifle and I would rate mine equal quality to the Marlin 39 and much better than any Marlin bolt I've seen. The CZ has a good trigger and is easily made better with Brookies trigger kit.

However,,,,, If I HAD to pick one or the other, I'd pick the 39A Mountie because it's my favorite hunting rimfire. The accuracy is very good, see picture of 5 in a nickle at;

That was an unscoped group so I'm sure a I could tighten it up a little. One hole? maybe. The Marlin is less finicky about ammo too.
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